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Concrete Block Revetment (CBR) as manufactured by Erosion Block Supply, Inc. is listed and approved in The NMDOT’s “Approved Products Listing” and is referenced under NMDOT Section 602.2.4.



  • The installation of a Concrete Block Revetment System (CBR) offers the owner or contractor a quick and cost effective solution to erosion control and/or soil stabilization.

  • Some of its many advantages and uses are; ease of installation, versatile applications, it allows vegetation to re-establish, a viable alternative when local resources are not available, the option to immediately drive on the mat, re-usability for temporary applications and cost.

  • Individual Blocks are Truncated Pyramid in shape with a base of 15”, a top of 11” and a height of 4.5”.

  • Typical CBR mats have 72 individual blocks (6 blocks X 12 blocks) for a mat size of 8’ X 16’.

  • The Blocks are cast with a continuous 3/16”, 7x19 Galvanized Aircraft Cable laced throughout the mat structure.


Visual Inspections

  • All units shall be sound and free of defects that would interfere with either the proper placement of the unit or impair the performance of the system. Surface cracks incidental to the usual methods of manufacture, or surface shipping resulting from customary methods of handling in shipment and delivery shall not be deemed grounds for rejection.

  • Chipping resulting in a weight loss exceeding 10% of the average weight of a block shall be deemed grounds for rejection.

  • Blocks rejected prior to delivery from the point of manufacture shall be replaced at the manufacturer’s expense. Blocks rejected at the job site shall be repaired with structural grout or replaced at the expense of the contractor.



  • Concrete Block Revetment Mats are manufactured in a quality and temperature controlled environment utilizing a current NMDOT approved Class A Concrete mix design that will meet or exceed 3,000 psi.

  • Shop Drawings are attached. (Below)

  • The Concrete Mix Design and Test Results are available.

  • Manufacturer’s Recommendations for installation are attached.

  • Custom Colored Concrete is available and additional certs can be provided for such



  • The purchaser shall be accorded proper access to facilities to inspect and sample the units at the place of manufacture from lots ready for delivery.

  • Concrete test results for lots are available in the manufacturer’s file.

  • Any additional testing, other than that provided by the manufacturer, shall be borne by the purchaser.


Galvanized Steel Revetment Cable

  • Galvanized Cable is cast in place through all individual blocks. See attached shop drawings for details. (Below)

  • Cable shall be 3/16” 7X19 Galvanized Aircraft Cable with a nominal breaking force of 4,200 LBS.

  • Cable Spec Sheet is available.

  • Cable Clamps will be 3/16” Galvanized Cable Clamps.

  • Only American Made Cable is used.



  • Anchors are #6 rebar, four (4) feet long with a #5 barb on the top. EBS Item #02.

  • Shop Drawing is attached, (sheet 3 of 4 below)

  • Recommended spacing is included with the installation recommendations.

Shop Drawing #1

Shop Drawing 1

Shop Drawing #2

Shop Drawing 2

Shop Drawing #3

Shop Drawing 3

Shop Drawing #4

Shop Drawing 4
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